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James Rumsey's 2017-2018 Coding, Web, App, & Game Design class

The James Rumsey Coding, Web, App, & Game Design class spent several weeks working on their edits of their game projects for their final exam.
These games are the results of what they created.

Abigail Thomas

Abigail's game

Escape the Ship is a game set in a battle ship during a major attack. You play as an unnamed soldier who is woken up abruptly by the sound of gun fire. Your mission is to get to the top of the ship to escape, as well as collecting dog tags along the way.

Ashley Akers

Ashley's game

It's a two player game where two pirates fight it out for the stolen loot.

David Mudge

David's game

You are awaken from your sleep in the lowest deck of your ship. Your ship has been attacked and taken over by loads of enemies. Fight your way deck by deck to escape to the top and jump into a life boat to get away safely.

Jordan Jones

Jordan's game

You must escape the maze! You play as a wolf fighting against slimes and ghosts, and you have 3 minutes to escape each level. Can you find your way out?

Joseph Crutcher

Joseph's game

Save the Dojo is a maze game. Your objective is to find the end of each level fighting through enemies. Once you finish the end level, you have saved the dojo. Can you do it?

Kevin Ferrell

Kevin's game

A simple platforming game using the arrow keys. Your only objective: progress.

Lyndsey Coulter

Lyndsey's game

In my game, there are three normal maze levels, and then one boss level. Each maze is different; I have a grass one, a stone one, and an ice one. The boss level at the end is where you have to defeat this huge slime, because little slimes attack you throughout the mazes. When you kill the boss, you go to a credits page and the game is over.

Malcolm Magruder

Malcolm's game

It's a timed maze game where you collect keys at the end of each level to save the dojo.

Thomas Munson

Thomas's game

Bovine Battle is literally a game about laying down cow "patties" which explode. It's quite similar to the Bomberman games.

Trenton Gower

Trenton's game

It's a two player game. You play as pirate ships and battle. There is a medic that spawns to heal you.

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